The SUPERMAN blazer from the Hero Within collection.

Hero Within is a brand new line of men’s “geek chic” clothing, inspired by your favourite DC Comics characters such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and more. I spoke to designer Tony Kim about his experiences creating the line, and what Hero Within means to him.

Hero Within is described by Kim as “born out of a frustration for the lack of anything for sophisticated geeks to wear”, and the line boasts a unique, “empowering” style which is “perfect for the office, out on a date, or attending an event.”

When asked about his inspirations, Kim told me that he is a “lifelong DC Comics fan”, explaining that “the Justice League embodies everything wonderful about heroism” and that he “wanted something that celebrated that.”


BATMAN Blazer [Grey]

Kim’s fashion inspirations came from many sources, including “Anne Wintour of Vogue and Ralph Lauren of Polo”, explaining that “they didn’t follow culture, but they created it”.After what Kim describes as “blood, sweat and tears”, the hard work seems to have paid off as DC fan reactions have been “very positive” about what they’ve seen from Hero Within, with Kim telling me that fans have stated that Hero Within is something they’ve “always wanted.”

So far Hero Within is a men’s only line, but Kim told me about the large amount of women who have been interested in a women’s line of geek chic Hero Within clothing, so who knows what the future holds? Of course, there’s nothing to stop women purchasing from the current line, though the fit might not be perfect, depending on your individual body shape!

Positive fan reactions have been one of the keys to Hero Within’s success, and Kim also told me the vital role that comic cons such as the San Diego Comic Con have played in the launch of the line: “It’s been critical to our launch. The real-time interaction and feedback has helped shape our future. Also, our sales tripled after Comic Con, which shows you how important cons are! We also picked up some partners and investors…which is also critical to our future. We intentionally launched during SDCC and it was a huge help.”


FLASH Yoga Hoodie.

When asked about the future of Hero Within, Kim said: “We have a lot of exciting plans in the works that will be a game-changer for the geek fashion world. We just finished our first pre-order period in July, and we are currently sending product into production. We will re-open soon for a second round of pre-orders. Fans won’t want to miss it!”

Thank you to Tony Kim and the Hero Within team for their help with this interview.

You can find out more about Hero Within at:

Products Featured:

-BATMAN Blazer [Grey]


-FLASH Yoga Hoodie


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