Please note: a review copy of Sneaky Business Vol.2 was provided for the purposes of this review. 

The second volume of Sneaky Business is a short, lighthearted collection of small-press comics, each based around the theme of being…well…sneaky! Each individual comic in the collection is between one and two pages long, and features a series of humorous, eccentric, and at times, downright strange collection of characters being sneaky and devious in their own unique ways.

The volume consists of 33 pages of comics by indie creators who each have their own styles and storytelling techniques, which makes for a good collection of short comics which feel both uniform to the sneaky theme, and individual in their own characters and artwork.

I would recommend Sneaky Business Vol.2 to anyone unsure (and perhaps a little afraid) of the world of small press comics, as the volume is a light, fun read, and is not so eccentric as to be alienating to the casual reader. Despite the idiosyncrasies of each comic, and the variety of backgrounds of each of the creators involved with the volume, I “got” each of the comics, and each one made me smile, or laugh. There’s a great charm to this volume’s humour that makes me think of napkin doodles with friends that have been polished into something beautiful, and I think this is the kind of collection you might share with friends, to give them a reason to smile.


Sneaky Business Vol.2 can be purchased from Rozi Hathaway’s site for £2.00 GBP, and can be shipped worldwide.


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